A Workin’ Man

So, I have a job.  Out of school, I usually work between 30 and 40 hours a week.  During school, I’ve usually worked a decent 20ish hours a week.  I get work done, I have a little down-time, I get paid well.  This semester, though, my schedule has sucked something fierce.  I tend to work 14-16 hours a week, if I do nothing but go directly to and from school and work. It’s been a stressful situation, but it’s getting me by.

This summer, instead of working 30+ hours/week and earning some dollar bills, I’ll be doing quite the opposite. I’ll be working for no money and actually spending money via tuition, flight, board, etc. Thankfully, my employ has said that I can return to the same job without issue.  Yay!

Problem is, my schedule next semester will be even worse. I’m looking at about 12 hours per week. In addition to an all-time low, it will be as I recover from a summer of spending and look ahead to the spendings of our wedding.  Needless to say, it’s a troublesome situation.  So, I might be looking for a second job or a different job.  The problem is, another job simply won’t pay as well.  I might be able to get more hours, but I’ll probably make less per hour.  I’m hoping hoping hoping that I can find a waiting job and get a little bit of tips here and there. Maybe I’ll go to bartending school or become a CEO at Goldman Sachs.


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