You can find pdf versions of my university course syllabi here, as well as links to posts where I discussed pedagogy.

Politics of Infrastructure (Spring 2022 syllabus)

This seminar, taught as part of a Dean’s Instructorship at GW, is an anthropological study of infrastructure and its role in urban life, including governance, livelihood, and cultural meaning. The course introduces students to the study of infrastructure and planning through anthropology, political theory, and science & technology studies; a majority of the course centers on anthropological engagements with infrastructure in the Global South to rethink conventional understanding of what infrastructure is and does. The course includes writing exercises through which students engage observational, methodological, and writing skills while thinking about infrastructure and daily life through experiences in DC.

Anthropology of Africa (Spring 2020 syllabus)
This seminar is a survey of anthropological scholarship on the culture, politics, and history of African peoples and societies. It included a history of anthropological theory in Africa and major themes and problems in the anthropological study of Africa, exploring Africa as a place and concept in Western imagination and anthropology’s history. Major themes included gender, development, conflict, and migration.