Man’s Best Friend

Ever since… well, the dawn of time, Kim and I have talked about getting a dog.  Back at the apartment, we kept our hopes at bay due to money and the fact that we still had Kim’s cats at her parents’ house.  Now that we have our own place, we’ve been itching for a canine companion.  This whole semester since we’ve moved here, we’ve been bogged down with busy school and work schedules.  In a few weeks, though, we’ll have better schedules.

In recent months, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a dog to keep Kim company while I’m gone.  Well, we talked it out and are excited to see if we can get a dog soon.  If we get it right as school winds down, I’d be here for the first few weeks of introducing the dog to the house and its inhabitants.  Once I get back, I’ll have some time to catch up before school starts.  Then, Kim’s and my schedules will work a little better next semester for taking care of a dog.

So, Kim has e-mailed a few local rescues and there is this one adorable giant that we’re hoping for.  The lady that runs the rescue has been very receptive, and we’re just waiting to hear back from her so we can find time to go visit and decide.  After a lifetime of wanting a dog and several years of talking about it with Kim, we might be getting a dog super soon.  Needless to say, I’m freaking excited!

Getting my Betta in the summer of 2007 was exciting, Gruber was my first pet ever and he was awesome (as awesome as a solitary fish could be).  Getting the rats once we moved to the apartments was a huge step for me, and I loved hanging out with them.  Lately I’ve been neglecting them a little bit but I hope to interact with them more in the future.  Kim’s cats are awesome and it’s been interesting trying to adapt to having furry quadrupeds with jingly collars roaming freely.  I’m excited to see what a gangly dog would do to the mix. :D


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