The Homestretch

Today (Tuesday) was the last day of classes for this semester!  I had one class and one final today, and tomorrow’s Reading Day so there’s nothing going on there.  The next week includes two more finals, a paper, and a portfolio made up of a lot of things that I need to put together.

Looking back, this semester was not the best. Less as a result of the courseload and more a combination of that and my schedule.  Spending days running back and worth between work, school, and my placement wore of me pretty quickly.  For the next few weeks, things will be more relaxed and that will be nice.  Over the next few days it will be a lot less back-and-forth and just a couple choice trips to school and some homework.  After that, it will just be working and then doing things around the house.

I’m assuming future posts will keep you updated on the wind-down of school and preparations for the wedding and the internship.  But! I have a teaser for you.  A pending blog-post will be about Kim and me going to see CONAN last week.  Here’s the teaser:


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