I’m on a plane!

Typed on the 27th of May, somewhere between Detroit Metropolitan Airport and Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport.

So, I’m on my way to Uganda right now.  It’s been an interesting day so far, and the journey’s only half over.

This morning a frazzled me tried to make sure I had everything packed in the early morning. Kim drove me around since I needed more last-minute things (I suck, but thank you Kim for helping me out!) and got me to the airport. Had to stand in multiple lines to get my boarding pass since I couldn’t check in online, then Kim and I stood around and said some sad see-you-laters.  We are a very close couple and the passed few days have been kind of surreal.  After working, living, commuting, schooling, and everything else together, we’ll be apart for a few weeks. Surprisingly we held it together at the security check where we hugged before I officially began my trip. I already miss her, so we’ll see how I’m doing come week six or something. Anyways, this will be a quick blog-post, and you’ll see why soon.

Fun short story: Apparently my book light is suspicious because they stared at the scan of my bag for a long time before removing the bag and swabbing it before searching it and then running it through again. Damn book light.

Way worse story: I am somewhere between Detroit and Amsterdam and my laptop power cord is in Tempe.  Uuuuuuugggghhh. I can’t believe that’s the thing I forogt. Not, you know, a pen or a pair of socks. My freaking laptop charger. So what I thought would be a fairly frequent presence on the Internet will be postponed for a bit until I get it replaced.

Despite this delay, this is my first blog-post about the internship/trip/adventure while it is actually in motion. I’ll blog about more than just this for nine weeks, but all of my Uganda-Blogging will have this new fancy tag; welcome the “Live from Lira” series!  It will have a rocky start, apparently, but hopefully all will be streamlined and updating in due time. Until then, we’ll see how fast the internet cafes in Kampala are.

As I type, it’s 5:37pm, I think Arizona time and I’m probably over New England. I was expecting this flight to have internet, and would have been willing to pay for it for the 7.5 hours over the Atlantic, but apparently it has EVERYTHING but that. Since being seated, I’ve done a lot more than read my book on colonization. I’ve played Bejeweled (highest score of the day!) and I’m watching Pirate Radio while I type this up (“It’s a type of bird, but it’s wearing a hat.” “Robin Hood.”)  Once I finish typing up this blog (to be posted whenever) I’ll probably read with the Beatles in the background or maybe I’ll watch one of the movies I haven’t seen before. Or maybe more games! I can’t understand why I can’t have internet. Alas, I’ll turn off my computer now and post this later.

Eastern Seaboard, Out.


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