Jean Genie

On Tuesday, Kim and I went shopping.  I needed to get a lot of things purchased before I could leave on my trip, so we pushed a loaded cart around Target for about an hour and a half.  In the end, I have a weird new wardrobe that I didn’t think I’d be getting for a while, some important accessories for the journey, and a far lighter wallet.

I bought jeans.  This may not be a big deal to many (most, if not all) of you.  I have not owned jeans since I was around eight years old, I think.  A few months ago I tried some on but decided against it.  Working out in the field with limited luggage and probably even more limited washing opportunities, I thought jeans would be a good investment for this trip.  It’ll be interesting to see what my new wardrobe does for me.  Also denim feels kinda foreign to me.

In addition to that little endeavor, I expanded my two-shirt oxford collection and added a few plain Ts, which I very rarely wear.  And I bought Kim a shirt with one of the coolest designs I’ve ever run into.  The first time I ever saw it was at CB2.  In addition to looking cool, it’s got a really neat background.  It was a poster commissioned by the British Ministry of Information during the depression years immediately preceding WWII.  It was never published and was lost until a print came out in an auction recently.  (All of this is according to CB2, but I believe them because they also have unique one-of-a-kind maps and authentic Jain bowls that I want).  Anyways, Target commandeered the design and have a whole set of things that are awesome.

I should do some work, but I’ll post later about wedding things (we went to a tasting last night!) and trip things (ahhhh!!!).  The big news is that I leave in one week.  This next next week I’ll be over the Eastern seaboard of the US or Canada (not sure). Woah.


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