Typed on the 28th of May (late night in Uganda, morning in the US) in my new temporary home near Kamwakya.
Going on 30 hours of travel and 1 hour of sleep, I’m about to crash out of exhaustion and sudden realization that I’m on the other side of the world.
Landed in Entebbe on time, but I stood in line for an hour to get my passport stamped, which was lame. Then I grabbed my luggage and rounded the corner to see an odd spectacle of scores of people standing pressed against the doorway holding up signs. Flipping roles, I had a sign and my contact Morris found me. After a looooong drive and a small meal, we ended up at the place Morris shares with a guy named George (both swell guys so far!). I’m currently in the next room, hunkered down under a mosquito net typing. I’m postponing going to bed because when I laid down a little while ago I got all weepy. I’m excited to be where I am, but that doesn’t make me less settled about not being where I’m not. I got to call Kim for a couple of minutes, which beats the radio silence I was stuck with in Amsterdam and Entebbe.
Tomorrow should be a relaxing day, but I think that might translate to me being restless and wanting to do stuff, so we’ll see. I’ll be heading into the city center of Kampala to get a few things squared away. Side-note: the driving in Kampala is soooooo much crazier than in New York City, and that’s saying something. Also I’m conserving battery so this is all you get for now.

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