Another Day, Another Blogpost

Typed on the afternoon of the 2nd of June at the NACWOLA office.

The day’s been pretty relaxed so far today.  After getting up and making my long commute (about an hour and a half on two buses, on foot, and a boda-boda) I made it to work on time. Hung out with everyone a little while doing some things on the computer, then got ready to go. While I waited for other people to come before we could head out, I sat under the hut and listened to the marching band at the secondary school down the hill. They practiced for a couple of hours and it was nice listening to them for a bit. After a while Yudaya decided that it was taking too long and that she would take me without the others.

After buying some gifts and hiking a little ways, we took bodas up to a small house in a tightly packed neighborhood. Here I met Isma, a young man nearing the end of high school, and his mother. All of his other siblings were at school, but he welcomed me into their home and told me a lot about how NACWOLA had helped his family. Yudaya said that long ago she personally came here to help the mother wash everyday since her hands were too weak to do anything, and since then the mother has improved a lot. She still looked weak and didn’t say much while I was there. After talking about NACWOLA, Isma told me a lot about his history and Ugandan history as a whole – lo and behold he wants to teach secondary school history! After chatting with him for a while, I came back to the NACWOLA office as Aaron left to the ICC Conference (soooo jealous!) so I’m stealing his internet.


2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Blogpost

  1. Hey Scott: Watch out for those scary buses. Seems you are having some great experiences and meeting some interesting people – both Ugandans and fellow Americans. Be safe. I am going upstairs to wake up Mom and tell her about your new blogs before I go to Grandpa’s. Dad

  2. Good afternoon or is it good morning there in Uganda! It sure sounds like you are having an experience of your utmost interesting life. We are all jealous here doing our daily routines:(
    We are so glad to see you are soaking all you can with this journey. Dad is at Grandpa as usual and I am working every areas needed in the entire southeast valley:) I took Po Po to work out for two hours then came home to read your exciting blog. It is very enjoyable to learn about what you are doing and seeing in Uganda. We are very proud of your brave attitude. We miss you very much!
    Take care and watch your steps always.
    Mom and Dad

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