Busy Week

So, eleven days after being stricken ill, I think I’m feeling all better!  Which couldn’t be better, because I have a lot I want or need to do right now.

Last night, Kim and I dropped off all of our stuff for taxes. Things were a little complicated with the house and whatnot, but I think everything’s in order and it will be nice to get money back in the future.  Tonight, Kim and I are meeting with the first of two or more florists, and tomorrow we’re officially picking our photographer!  We’re a little under 300 days out from the big day, so it’s good to be finalizing a few decisions.

In addition to wedding planning, I’m trying to figure out this internship business.  AIESEC is still a running option, and I’ve been in touch with an AIESECer (and Rotaracter!) in Kampala that’s helping me out. I’m really hoping that I can figure out a way to do research with Peskin, though, so we’ll see if that goes anywhere.  On top of internship planning, Kim and I are hoping to do some stuff around the house and I am hoping to make some headway with club work, including some arts ‘n’ crafts and some lobbying.  Needless to say, it’s a busy week.  I’ve got a to-do list that’s getting more and more intimidating, but hopefully I’ll be crossing quite a bit off by week’s end.


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