Under the Weather

So, since nine of the past eleven posts are about Africa and six of the past seven are about activism for Africa, I thought I’d give you a break.  And complain about being sick instead.

I like to think that my immunities are pretty strong.  I don’t get sick too often, and when I do it usually lasts a day or two. Other than being sick for a few days this passed Christmas, I probably hadn’t been sick for a year or two. But today I find myself fighting day eight of some kind of illness.  I joke that it’d kill a lesser man, but it’s probably killed me a few times over.

The lethargy of last weekend was kinda lame. And the stiffness and aching are none too fun either. But the kicker is the constant coughing.  I’ve been having fits of coughing all week and it is just driving me nuts. This week I spent about 2 hours in school out of my 20-something. And I worked for 9 hours.  I actually went to the doctor! This is something I haven’t done since I was in early elementary school, I think. About a hundred dollars later, I was home and still sick. Today I find myself on day five or a six-day pill regimen, and I’m feeling moderately better.  I still have a long way and only two pills to go, so we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll cough this illness away.


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