Alphabet Internship

So, another internship update.  As far as the Uganda-search goes, I’ve found two viable options barring unique chances, but I’ll get to that part later.  For the passed month or so I’ve looked at two organizations to go with, and I talked to some people about them recently.

On Tuesday night, my friend Kevin gave my class a talk about AIESEC and how they help students go abroad. I talked to him about some registration details, and they’ve got a lot of programs at Makarere University. They’re all HIV/AIDS advocacy and awareness programs as far as I can see. AIESEC’s cost is $500, and I’d have to cover my flight and visa.  It’d be an inexpensive way to get me to Uganda and do some rewarding work. It would be in Kampala instead of in the north, but I think I’d be okay with it.

On Thursday, I had a long chat with my friend Heidi, who spent 6 months (about) in Uganda doing AIDS work and agricultural something-or-rather. She went through FSD, a group that partners organizations with potential interns. The group seems pretty good, and they have a human rights wing that would put me in an even better field that the aforementioned AIDS work (still admirable!).  According to the site, human rights work could include: lobbying for children’s rights, represent marginalized groups in community development, help communities protect themselves from exploitation, and rehabilitate and reunify youth with their families. The program is quite a bit more, and the price goes up per week that I’m there.  Estimates would put me down $4000, which is quite the whammy when I would still have to cover tuition and such other costs. According to the website, the fee is 100% tax deductible, which I’d have to look into. The internships would be in Masaka or in Jinja, still not in the north but I could deal.

So, it’s AIESEC v. FSD.  While I think of the two, I’ll be following more routes to put me in Gulu or Pader. I have a few last contacts that I could at least try, and Cameroon is in my back pocket.


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