So, the internship search is still very, very on.  But, I’ve got some decisions to make I guess.  My parents are trying to help me out by talking to friends from/in other countries while I continue pestering NGOs and think tanks.  My idea has always been to try to go to Uganda (or somewhere else in the Great Lakes region) as a priority. If not, West Africa, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia would all be great as well.

My parents have some small possibilities in Taiwan and Thailand, which would be cool.  However, they have a friend from Cameroon that has some pretty high-and-mighty connections.  By that, I mean my dad said she called one of the Supreme Court justices to see if there was anything they could do to help me.

I have sent countless letters to groups in Uganda. My friends at Resolve Uganda apologized and said they would if they could, but passed me along to another group that might help.  There’s also a placement group that will help me get around in Uganda if I research something there.  But, I’m facing an impasse: should I struggle to find a mediocre internship in fields like AIDS awareness, soldier rehabilitation, or displacement aid, or should I go to Cameroon and get a sweet   government placement?

The problem is that my heart is in Uganda. I have spent several years following the conflicts in northern Uganda, criticizing the President, and watching scores of friends go and come back hoping that I could one day join them.  I have the prior knowledge, I love the place (from afar), and I want to go there.  But Cameroon might be a better fit and the work there might get me further as far as future paths go.

Maybe I’ll end up in Canada or something.


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