A PSA to Those Left Behind

As most of you have heard, today is supposed to be the rapture, or something. It used to be that crazy ideas like this were pretty centralized in some small cult or something, but this whole May 21st rapture thing spread fast, and it has had some bad effects on people. I don’t think I would be affected directly regardless, but my friend Max posted something today that I felt I should pass along.

Rather than taking a victory lap today, let’s remember the consequences of the blind faith of the doomsday-sayers. Pets put down, life savings spent, jobs thrown away. I’m sure more stories will be coming out in the following weeks. Lets remember to try and insert a healthy degree of skepticism into our own beliefs, not just to that which we know to be ridiculous, but to that which we hold unshakably true.

Update: AOL Weird News has a live-blog of Rapture-related news here.