Quiet on the Front

If you’ve been missing your Weekend Reading fix, I am very sorry, but hopefully I can make it up to you soon. The last half of August has been a busy time – I’ve finished my small-time job at the library, started a new job at a secondary school, and packed up and moved across state lines – but I’m aiming to get back into the swing of things soon. This is just a terse note to let you know things are on the up and up, and hopefully the linkages, random posts, etc. will be arriving soon.

I recently began a long-term substitute job at a high school teaching freshmen and sophomores social studies, so expect me to slide back into my educator-type posts, as well as trying to keep up on the research/academia side of things. In the mean time, do your Labor Day forefathers proud and don’t work too hard. I’ll catch you after the revolution.


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