Weekend Reading

I’ve been on Spring Break and away from a properly functioning computer, so I apologize for this shorter edition of the usual weekend reading.

The problem with talking about abstract jobs.

It looks like the 1% had a fantastic 2010!

The science of altruism, and how bankers aren’t as good as ants.

People Who Think Carl Weathers in Joseph Kony.

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t want men to be forced to think about women and contraceptives.

The Deep Roots of the Birth Control Debate: The Confederates wanted to control women as much as they wanted to control slaves.

Where do African prints come from? Not Africa.

The most insane letter written by a child to a weatherman.

Of course Disney’s first black princess represents watermelon.

A video of what the hula hoop sees.

Three different crises in higher education affordability.

Historicizing the conservative think tank, with regards to the Koch-Cato debate.

The difficulties of academic commuting.

Gay marriage and birth control in the same debate.

Take the birth control battle over the counter.

And the GOP’s birth control McCarthyism.


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