On the Subject of Blogging…

Lately, my day-to-day routine has been pretty simple. We’re working on the house a bit here and there, and I’m still on the job-hunt. But in my free time I’ve finally decided to entertain an idea I’ve had for some time, so if you’ll humor me for a moment I’ll introduce you to my more scholarly blog.

Those of you who know me (and if you don’t, you should!) know that I love history and politics and Africa. I’m following that muse with a new blog concentrating on those topics. I’m using it as a tiny platform to do some writing, but also hone my mediocre research and writing skills. So, if you’ll do me the honor, go have a look at Historically Speaking. As of right now it’s a pretty measley weblog with sparse posts on the Vietnam War, Thai politics, and air conditioning. Plus side, it’s replete with tags. Enjoy!


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