Around the House

In mid-March, Kim and I began to repaint our bedroom walls. Over Spring Break we smeared all of the walls with primer and swatched up a wall. Over the last month and a half, we haven’t done much other than pick one of the three colors that used to be on the wall, but in the past two weeks we’ve gone a little nuts with the remodeling.

First, we tossed the over-sized bed down stairs and set up a living room/bedroom combo, then began to put together our new bed frame and head board. We bought a new mattress online a while back, and it came rolled up in a box; we laid it out last week and have been letting it rise like a loaf of bread. In the mean time, we have been sleeping – and randomly napping throughout the days – on what we have dubbed “mega-bed.” Our large old bed is nestled up against our large old sofa, and we’ve been lounging whenever we’re not working on the house.

In addition to piecing together a Swedish piece of bed I’ve been rummaging through our second bedroom while Kim has been organizing our bathrooms. We’ve been making quite a bit of progress, and in the meantime we’re also redoing our dining table, which has turned our garage into a room filled with blackened chairs and a cloud of spray paint. Also, kudos to Kim for being the greatest at

reupholstering the chairs with the prettiest fabric ever. We’re going to be in this house for at least another year – if not a couple – so we figure we should get it ship-shape for living in. I suppose it’s high time considering we have lived here for about a year and a half, but that’s beside the point.


One thought on “Around the House

  1. Do you see how gross and yellow that “brown” wall is? I’m going to paint that and you can’t stop me.

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