A Dog’s Introduction

Typed on the 24th of June with pictures from Kim!

So, now that you know about all of the animals at the house here in Lira, you should know another animal.  After having a heck of a time looking for a great dane before I left, Kim and I decided to expand the search and keep it going.  We looked at a few before I left, and a little while ago we welcomed an adorable dog to our home.

Meet our dog!  She’s tentatively named Cindy, and she’s a real cutie.  She is really gentle and well-trained, and she always carries around this turtle squeak toy like it’s her baby (until she tore it up, but that’s not relevant to how cute she is).  I am so, so excited to meet her when I get back, but until then you can see these pictures that Kim has sent me.

Eying her turtle

Apparently she likes to sleep in this corner

This is her on her bed

And this is her close-up


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