Lira Town

Typed the night of the 6th of June at the new house in Senior Quarter, Lira Town.

So yesterday was a very up-and-down day. There were some tribulations and some rewards, but I think all’s well now.

First, in the morning when I tried to get home from a short stint on the internet, the bicyclist took me in the complete opposite direction until I finally just gave up and asked him to take me to the city center (I eventually got home just fine, but my wallet was a little lighter and my mood a little lower).

Spent the middle of the day at home. I read some while in a hammock in the compound before going inside and working my reflection for Gisela and some blogs (sorry there weren’t any pictures! I forgot to put them on my computer). Then a cleaning crew of three girls arrived and started scrubbing the place. This trip has been full of firsts that I did not expect. First time eating pasho, sure. First time paying someone to do my laundry, not expected (but thanks, Geoffrey!).

After a while I headed on a journey to actually find my way to the internet cafe. Found it without a problem, except the tiny problem in which I lost some airtime on the way :( Another downer on the day, but I had high spirits for the internet! Which, in line with other events, was dashed. I got to put up some quick updates and talk to Kim a tiny bit, but the internet kept cutting out and then ultimately my computer shut off and wouldn’t turn back on (it’s inexplicably working now, thank goodness).

On my defeated way home, I called Kim for a pick-me-up which was nice. I got home to a crew of Germans making Mexican food. You read it right. They were trying their hand at making some food from scratch, and all in all it turned out pretty good. Hopefully I’ll be able to lend a hand and try to learn something about cooking. The dinner was with Erik, Monika, Annett, and Martin, and it was a pretty good time. It’ll be nice to have a hopping house to come home to (George and Morris were routinely out until late, but then again so was I).

In the morning I’m bound to get lost on the way to NACWOLA, but hopefully I’ll make it on time. Word’s still out on whether or not it has internet and other such services, so I guess we’ll find out. Within the next few days I think I’ll get the hang of Liratown.


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