Global Students

This Wednesday, I took my German final (and finished my semester!!) and then met up with some friends at Cartel Coffee Lab.  Talking with friends from the Global Studies program really confuses my brain, but it makes me realize how insane all of this stuff is.

I always thought it was crazy cool that I had been to Europe once on a tour.  Meeting people in Global Studies has been humbling and inspiring because I hear about all of these cool things people are doing and I can’t wait to do my own stuff.  Our two tables at the coffee house were meeting for one last time because we’re all dispersing around the world this summer, and it’s always been fascinating to hear what everyone’s doing.

That table included people going to work in a total of four continents (and if Kevin made it it would’ve been five, but he’s already in Brazil).  It was really interesting to hear about what everyone would be doing and I got advice from two people who had already worked in Uganda for extended periods of time.  Even though most of us will only go a couple of months without seeing each other, it was saddening to see everyone for one last time.  Alli already left yesterday for Bahrain and won’t be back until the beginning of school.  Haneen and Yousef are departing next week to Palestine and Denmark, respectively.  Heidi’s going to Colorado for a summer job before joining up with the Peace Corps.

The whole idea of me going to Uganda in two weeks and staying there for two months is still hitting me slowly.  I’ve never done anything like it.  Unlike some internships, I’ll be the only foreigner in my group and I’ll be doing work with which I’m pretty unfamiliar.  I’m still figuring out the logistics of where I’ll be staying and what I’ll be doing.  All I do know if that I’ll be in Uganda for nine weeks, and that part will be very exciting, even if I’m totally unprepared.


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