Of Canines and a Couple

So, the dog-hunt is continuing.

A couple of weeks ago, we singled out an adorably big Great Dane named Thor.  He was a total cutie and, on paper, was a real sweetie.  The only drawback was that we were not 100% on how good he would be with cats.  So, Kim and I went out to meet him two weekends ago.  Half-way there, we called the rescue and she informed us that Thor had been kicked in the head by a horse and was in the hospital.

After several worrisome days,  Kim and I debated what to do for a while.  We anxiously waited to hear how Thor was doing (hopefully improving), but we also did not even know if he would have been okay with cats in the first place.  Plus, the injury could have A. changed his temperament, 2. left him with special needs that we could not provide, or III. delayed meeting him until I was gone, making the decision-making process that much more difficult.  So we kept in touch with the rescue and also looked at other ones.

We recently received word that Thor is alive and recovering, but that it will be a long haul.  Our hearts go out to him and hope he recovers speedily and finds a great home.  The lady at the rescue recommended some other dogs and said she would help us out in finding another to adopt.  This passed weekend we met a gentle giant named Callista.  She’s really cute and kind, and I think we’re smitten.  She fits literally every one of our needs: she’s good with cats, good with rats, can stay in during the day, loves to lay around, doesn’t bark too much. Oh, and she runs like a giraffe, and who doesn’t like that?

So, we’re trying to clean up the house in preparation for a doggy.  The plan is to get a dog soon and get to know each other.  I’ll be gone for most of the summer, but Kim will be able to get said dog used to our home and find a routine.  When I return I’ll jump right in the mix and we’ll have two people instead of one when school starts and we both have more hectic schedules.  Current status is that we are waiting to hear from somebody to do a house-check to make sure we’re good to go.


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