Live from Kampala

Thursday morning I rolled out of bed to Skype a friend in Uganda. His name is Morris, he’s the head of exchange for his AIESEC group, and hes been amazing. We talked for a bit and he explained the prospects of my internship. If I go with them, I’d probably spent a couple of days in Kampala getting used to life in Uganda, then head upstate to Gulu district. There, I’ll find myself a youth hostel to stay in and work with an NGO.

The group is called the National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (NACWOLA), and they have been doing work for women affected by AIDS and their families by providing support, empowerment and treatment.  According to Morris, my work would include: ensuring a healthy and empowered community, improve the health status of women and children living with HIV/AIDS by providing health services, improve quality of life, help people build skills to benefit their community.

I’m trying to meet with Dr. Peskin to figure out his research trip’s main objective and see if there is any way that I can help.  Otherwise, it’s pretty much a go-ahead with this group.  Once I decide that I will be going with them, I will need to talk to them about dates and then be on my way. It looks like another step forwards in the internship process! Hopefully my decision will be made soon and I can move on with all of this.


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