Uganda Calling

So, another update on the internship search.

For the passed two weeks or so, I’ve been in touch with an AIESECER in Kampala who is being very, very helpful about getting me an internship.  In the beginning, his internship offers included AIDS education, community development, etc.  Things I liked but wasn’t juzzed about.  After getting my CV and a cover letter, he contacted some NGOs in northern Uganda and he thinks he’s got some bites.  It sounds like, as long as I can swing housing, I might have an internship up north.  Not completely sure what the tasks would be yet, but it would be relevant to the crisis caused by the LRA, so that’s a one up.

Meanwhile, everyone and their mother is motivating me to convince Dr. Peskin to take me along.  I’ve bugged him a little bit in the past, but I’m going to send him an e-mail requesting a full-on meeting to discuss what is ideal and what is for-real.  Hopefully I can figure something out.  The AIESEC job just might pan out, but either way I don’t think it would be better than working with Victor Peskin and Eric Stover researching Uganda and the International Criminal Court.  I just need to use persistence and persuasion and hope for the best.


2 thoughts on “Uganda Calling

    • Thanks, Heather! I’m actually planning on digging up the Luo language basics pdf you found me. My goal is to be able to say more than two works (my current max) haha :P. If I get myself out there, I will for sure bring something back for you :)

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