Student Teacher

So, yesterday I was e-mailing my advisor and was made aware of some sudden changes to my plan for the next year or so.  For the passed year, I’ve been planning on doing my Global Studies internship this summer and coming back to student teach in the fall.  After that, I figured I’d bulldoze a busy semester in the spring with whatever I had left.  But, apparently, student teaching has to be done in the absolute last semester.

So, I will be coming back from my internship to take classes and then student teach in the spring.  I’ve got mixed feelings right now, but I’m hoping that it will turn out to be a good change.  This fall, I’ll be swamped with homework which may stress me out with the whole wedding-planning thing, but maybe I’ll have a more flexible schedule than bell-to-bell work. I might be able to work some in the fall (maybe), which would be nice for sustainability. Oh, and I know more about spring semester standards so I’d probably be better at thinking up lessons.

I guess I should get back to the class I’m in, but that’s the skinny on student teaching.


One thought on “Student Teacher

  1. Student Teaching in Spring won’t be that bad, but I totally understand angst when plans don’t go how you planned them. You should talk to @jaybeestarsky about student teaching. He graduated ASU in 2007 and had a really good experience at Tempe High.

    Good luck!

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