WIP Wednesday: Bedroom Blues

So, I’m hopping on the bandwagon.  Don’t know if I will keep it up, but this is my first Work in Progress Wednesday update.  Topic: the second bedroom.  Ever since we moved, it was the mess that loomed down the hall, and on Sunday I resolved that every day this week I would spend some time unpacking in there.  So, this is a half-way point for my progress with the room.  I didn’t get pictures of pre-Sunday, but I updated each night after organizing.  I don’t expect to get all of it unpacked in one week, but I hope to make quite a dent in it in these seven days.

Sunday, I started by unpacking my Invisible Children and IRIN media and taking out our yearbooks.  I put the bookcases together and unpacked quite a few boxes of books.  The room, after day one of resolved unpacking, looked thus:

WIPW Room1

Monday was a short day for me.  I put up all of my collection books (like LIFE photo books and such) and my World War II books.  One little thing about my WWII books.  For probably the past 6 years or so, I have set little toy army men all over the shelf that has these books.  Green versus Brown.  So, I got distracted and spent the rest of my clean-up time setting the field.

WPIP Room2

Yesterday’s unpacking actually seemed a little bit more productive.  I emptied all of my books onto the bookcases and even got rid of some extra stuff.  With some floorspace opened up, I moved some things around to make it more roomy.

WIPW Room 3

So, still a lot of work to do.  It truly is a work in progress, but – with a little hope and a lot of motivation – it will shape up by week’s end.  I have every intention of having a work-still-in-progress-but-my-resolution-was-successful post on Saturday or Sunday.  The boxes need to go.  The CDs need to be put away.  Christmas decorations need to be packed up.  Filing cabinet needs some sorting.  And that really does put a dent in the unpacking that we still have to do.  Here’s to the last half of this resolution and to my first work in progress!


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