Academic Overload

On Wednesday, I get to register for classes. Today the honors college got to start registering, so I’m watching like a hawk lest my classes fill up too quickly. While I do this, I am also restlessly charting out the next few semesters, making sure I do everything right.  Every time I do this I try to figure out how I went from about-to-graduate-a-year-early to scrambling-to-graduate-on-time.

My freshman year was pretty uneventful. I took a few upper division classes to keep myself busy but had a light schedule overall. Since then I’ve been putting together booked semesters with a mixture of easy and difficult classes. This coming Spring semester is no different. I’ll be going back into my placement, probably in a middle school, so it will be different. I’m choosing a few classes that are supposed to be extremely easy (at least one promises to be so) and a couple that should be moderately difficult.  And I probably need to start up with the German.

Hopefully, while I’m gone on my internship I’ll be able to take a couple courses online. But this will require that I have internet in Tanzania or Indonesia or wherever.  Hopefully everything pans out. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. While I wait, I’ll stare at classes and charts some more!


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