Reading. And reading and reading…

This week, I am cracking open my fourteenth and fifteenth books of this semester. And that’s not counting at least a dozen articles for a few different classes and a whole book of excerpts (courtesy of Dr. Peskin).  I think this is the point where a lot of people start asking why the heck I am taking so many classes.  I’m really not all that sure, but I think it stems from a couple of things: a weirdly strong thirst for knowledge and a sense of economics.

I’ve thrown around the idea of three different majors and four different minors in the past year or so. I’m set to have two majors and one minor, and we’ll see if that shrinks or expands in the coming years.  I went into college taking a quick glance at other majors and penultimately planning to graduate a year early. I started the teaching program at ASU early and kept up my hobby of trying to save the world. Then it dawned on me that I could do a lot more, and since then I’ve gone full speed into busy semesters and an even busier life – probably much to Kim’s dismay.

I’m very lucky in that my parents pay for my tuition. Even though I am not paying for school, knowing that my parents are makes me want to get every penny out of it. At ASU, tuition increases per credit up to 7 credits, and then it’s all the same. So whether I am taking 9 credits or 19 credits, it’s costing them the same. I decided pretty quickly to simply pack my schedules and make college worth the money. Hence, the full schedules.

Well, now that I’ve explained myself, I should probably go read some.


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