Turning 20

Tomorrow, I’ll be turning 20. So long, teenage years!  I don’t feel any different yet, but I still have a couple of hours before I officially get older.

So far, the birthday celebrations have been pretty nice.  Last night I had a tasty dinner with Kim, Cristina, Alli, Julia, and Alex (Julia’s boyfriend).  After a decent Mexican meal and some delicious cupcakes, Cristina, Alli, Kim and I stood around in the parking lot for a good three hours chatting.  I love the long talks, so it was nice to just be with my friends for an evening.

Today, Kim and I went to my parents’ house for what turned out to be a small gathering.  With my birthday always being on or around Columbus Day, there are routinely some families missing – this time there were several. But, it was all good! Kim’s parents joined us; I figure we’re getting married soon so our parents should be together more.  Overall a nice couple of days leading up to my birthday!

We’ll see how the move from adult teenager to young adult goes.


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