The Unofficial Teacher

So, it’s unofficially official – it seems.  I’m about to close out my fourth week at my school.

Week 1 – learned close to 200 names (there were only a handful I still couldn’t get by week’s end), and heard about some rumbling drama in which my teacher grappled with parents and administration.  Taught a full day on my second day.

Week 2 – Graded scores of tests for the first time. Taught a little, and went to my first staff meetings.  On Wednesday, my mentor teacher went on administrative leave.  I spent two days winging it as I wrapped up the week. Led a controversial debate on SB1070.  On Friday, I found out my mentor teacher resigned, and I’d stay another week for transition.

Week 3 – Working with a sub to supervise me. Began the lesson planning process.  Managed to put together three study guides, two worksheets, and two group projects for the unit.  Began the grueling task of grading ~220 one page essays.  Numerous conversations with teachers, administrators, university supervisor over my status as student teacher.  Find out I might be able to stay.

Week 4 – Meet the permanent substitute under whom I will be teaching.  Instead of co-teaching and lesson plan-sharing, determine that I will be planning lessons on my own and in full control of the class.  My permanent sub leaves for a family emergency – back to temporary subs.  Engage in meetings with other teachers to ensure that my upcoming units will be sufficient for standards and such.  Try to get into Spirit Week.

And that’s it.  I’ve spent about two hours overall putting together two crack units that should last the next few weeks – but still need to fill those lesson plans with information.  Ideally, putting together some powerpoints and audio supplements by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Classroom Announcement

Today, I stood in front of five different classes of students who I have really gotten to know over the past two weeks. After teaching several lessons on my own and even more alongside my mentor teacher, after dealing with a grading discrepancy and going through a trial by fire, after reviewing the grading process and preparing all 192 of them for how I graded, I told them that I may or may not be there anymore.  I taught today, and I am teaching tomorrow.  Nothing else is up to me. Blahhhhh. I’ll post more when I have more to post.