I am a graduate student and anthropologist at The George Washington University, and I study conflict and intervention in sub-Saharan Africa. My research discusses justice and reconciliation, radio interventions, and foreign military involvement, focusing on how local populations perceive the conflict around them. Geographically, my focus is on the border area of Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic, especially areas affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Prior to coming to GW, I previously studied at Yale University and Arizona State University, and I taught high school social studies in Arizona and Connecticut (and briefly lived in New York). At Yale I wrote a thesis about radio-based humanitarian interventions in Uganda and the DRC and I was a Managing Editor at the Yale Journal of International Affairs. At ASU I was involved in several advocacy groups aimed at stopping violence in central Africa. I write here about my research as well as general issues in politics, conflict, intervention, activism, education, and history.

For more info, you can click above to see my research, publications or CV.

You can always contact me at Scootles7 AT gmail DOT com or through all sorts of social media.

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