In the spirit of year-end posts, I’d like to put this year at Backslash Scott in perspective. But I’ll begin with a heartfelt thanks to everyone who still comes here to read random things that I write – you’ve made it a great year for me by caring enough to read what I have to say, for exchanging opinions and ideas in comments (and through other social media), and for being pretty a pretty swell group of folks.

It’s been a pretty good year for the Backslash blog. We started off with a bang when I shopped David Brooks’ class at Yale. Other popular posts from this year included a look at early 20th Century slang, a rant against Teach For America, and a reading of justice in The Hunger Games. I take it you all are really into casual, justice-focused education.

This summer I also traveled to Uganda and D.R. Congo for some fieldwork. While I was there I wrote some notes about my work. This was also the first year I’ve written outside of this blog, which is pretty exciting thing for me to do. In 2013, I was very happy to have my writing appear in Guernica and African Arguments, among others.

As we move into 2014, I hope to have more to say, and I’m thankful that you’ll be here to read. Looking forwards, I’ll be doing lots of thesis-writing and will be working through a formidable semester of coursework. I’ll also be graduating in the spring – and hopefully starting at a new school in the fall. And, through all of that, I will blog.


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