A Workin’ Man

So, I have a job.  Out of school, I usually work between 30 and 40 hours a week.  During school, I’ve usually worked a decent 20ish hours a week.  I get work done, I have a little down-time, I get paid well.  This semester, though, my schedule has sucked something fierce.  I tend to work 14-16 hours a week, if I do nothing but go directly to and from school and work. It’s been a stressful situation, but it’s getting me by.

This summer, instead of working 30+ hours/week and earning some dollar bills, I’ll be doing quite the opposite. I’ll be working for no money and actually spending money via tuition, flight, board, etc. Thankfully, my employ has said that I can return to the same job without issue.  Yay!

Problem is, my schedule next semester will be even worse. I’m looking at about 12 hours per week. In addition to an all-time low, it will be as I recover from a summer of spending and look ahead to the spendings of our wedding.  Needless to say, it’s a troublesome situation.  So, I might be looking for a second job or a different job.  The problem is, another job simply won’t pay as well.  I might be able to get more hours, but I’ll probably make less per hour.  I’m hoping hoping hoping that I can find a waiting job and get a little bit of tips here and there. Maybe I’ll go to bartending school or become a CEO at Goldman Sachs.


Man’s Best Friend

Ever since… well, the dawn of time, Kim and I have talked about getting a dog.  Back at the apartment, we kept our hopes at bay due to money and the fact that we still had Kim’s cats at her parents’ house.  Now that we have our own place, we’ve been itching for a canine companion.  This whole semester since we’ve moved here, we’ve been bogged down with busy school and work schedules.  In a few weeks, though, we’ll have better schedules.

In recent months, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a dog to keep Kim company while I’m gone.  Well, we talked it out and are excited to see if we can get a dog soon.  If we get it right as school winds down, I’d be here for the first few weeks of introducing the dog to the house and its inhabitants.  Once I get back, I’ll have some time to catch up before school starts.  Then, Kim’s and my schedules will work a little better next semester for taking care of a dog.

So, Kim has e-mailed a few local rescues and there is this one adorable giant that we’re hoping for.  The lady that runs the rescue has been very receptive, and we’re just waiting to hear back from her so we can find time to go visit and decide.  After a lifetime of wanting a dog and several years of talking about it with Kim, we might be getting a dog super soon.  Needless to say, I’m freaking excited!

Getting my Betta in the summer of 2007 was exciting, Gruber was my first pet ever and he was awesome (as awesome as a solitary fish could be).  Getting the rats once we moved to the apartments was a huge step for me, and I loved hanging out with them.  Lately I’ve been neglecting them a little bit but I hope to interact with them more in the future.  Kim’s cats are awesome and it’s been interesting trying to adapt to having furry quadrupeds with jingly collars roaming freely.  I’m excited to see what a gangly dog would do to the mix. :D

Social Consciousness

So, I haven’t posted in ten days.  What a slacker!  I will make up for it by posting a thousand times this week*.  It’s been a busy few days.  I’m waste-deep in schoolwork, trying to figure out the logistics of getting myself to Uganda, and trying to move forward in wedding planning.  I think a few blog posts will be forthcoming to address all of the recent events.  The first of which will be a post which I am very proud to write.

In September of 2007, I started a student organization to help end a war.  Lofty ambitions, I know – but it all began with raising money to rebuild a school.  Each spring, Arizona State’s Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) holds a Hall of Fame awards event honoring some of the clubs on campus.  I’ve thrown our name in the mix every year, mentioning camp-out events and national conferences, fund raisers and educational screenings.  Each year, I’ve nominated us for the Social Consciousness Award, and each year we haven’t even been mentioned.  But this year?

This year our bullet points looked pretty damn good: we contributed to the Rescue, How it Ends, Schools For Schools, the Hometown Shakedown, the Legacy Tour, and our own lobby days.  I had high hopes at the award ceremony.  I was talking to the guys at my table – part of a society for business majors – and they wished me luck.  I was listening to what the other groups had done and, albeit great work, I was convinced that we were going to win this year.

WE WON!  I was so ecstatic to be recognized!  I marched on up there, probably with a goofy smile, and accepted a fancy framed certificate.  It was a good feeling to hear my club’s name at the awards ceremony.  Thinking back, the past year’s work has included the help of soooo many people and I appreciate it so much.  Looking forward, I hope that we can keep it going and run again next year.  Talking with club members and supporters from the community, I think we’ll be able to keep up the work.  I guess the work starts now?  Let’s go!

*1000 = 2 or 3, probably.

A Month Out

I have one month left before school is out.  It’ll be nice to have some free time once classes are done, but the countdown to Reading Day only makes me say “yikes!”

I have ignored my online class like none other, so I really, really can’t slip up over the next month or else I’ll be close to a really bad grade. Not good.  Hopefully the essay I did on E.B. Sledge’s book (With the Old Breed, you all should read it!) on WWII was alright, and I hope the final paper isn’t too difficult to pull off. Beyond that, I have to keep on my discussions and hope for the best.

In my Inclusion class there aren’t any due dates for assignments, so long as everything’s done by semester’s end. That’s bad. Of the ten discussions and four clinicals that I should have done in the semester, I had done one discussion and no clinicals as of yesterday. Cranked through a couple discussions last night, and I’m going to try to catch up tomorrow. Then the clinicals, staying on task, and hoping for the best.

All of my other classes are going pretty well.  It’s just the two that I’ve slacked off on. If all goes well, I’ll be caught up on these two and moving forwards in everything.  This past Monday I went in and talked to Tom, an academic advisor for the history department and the Rotaract advisor. I’ll need to petition CTEL, but pending approval I’ll have three majors lined up in a row. Should get everything lined up with the summer internship, fall semester, and spring student teaching.  Needless to say, I’m hoping for the best.

Live from Kampala

Thursday morning I rolled out of bed to Skype a friend in Uganda. His name is Morris, he’s the head of exchange for his AIESEC group, and hes been amazing. We talked for a bit and he explained the prospects of my internship. If I go with them, I’d probably spent a couple of days in Kampala getting used to life in Uganda, then head upstate to Gulu district. There, I’ll find myself a youth hostel to stay in and work with an NGO.

The group is called the National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (NACWOLA), and they have been doing work for women affected by AIDS and their families by providing support, empowerment and treatment.  According to Morris, my work would include: ensuring a healthy and empowered community, improve the health status of women and children living with HIV/AIDS by providing health services, improve quality of life, help people build skills to benefit their community.

I’m trying to meet with Dr. Peskin to figure out his research trip’s main objective and see if there is any way that I can help.  Otherwise, it’s pretty much a go-ahead with this group.  Once I decide that I will be going with them, I will need to talk to them about dates and then be on my way. It looks like another step forwards in the internship process! Hopefully my decision will be made soon and I can move on with all of this.